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The Florida Golf Players Association - FLGPA, is a golf club for golfers who love and "play the game the way it should be played." The club provides players of all levels, the opportunity to establish and maintain a legitimate USGA-GHIN handicap index. The FLGPA is a member club of the Florida State Golf Association and is dedicated to promoting the game through organized golf tournaments, based on established player handicaps. Any amateur golfer can join the FLGPA. There are no monthly dues and all FLGPA tournaments and events are strictly optional. The club provides opportunites for golfers to network, play golf, and develop social & business relationships. Join the FLGPA and enjoy the benefits of being an FLGPA member.


  • Establish & maintain a USGA GHIN Handicap Index
  • Participate in Professionally Organized Golf Tournaments
  • Special Member Tournament Rates
  • Customized Website to obtain information
  • Opportunity for Business & Social Networking
  • Discounts on Golf Lessons
  • Discounts on brand name Golf Merchandise & Apparel
  • Discounts on Greens Fees at particpating Golf Courses

    Join Now! Download Application Form or Call (386)742-6907 for more information.         


  • Always play without delay & keep up with the group in front.
  • Invite faster groups to play through.
  • Don't move, talk or stand close to a player making a stroke.
  • Don't step on another player's line of putt.
  • Don't play until the group in front is out of the way.
  • Shout a warning- "fore"- if your ball may hit someone.
  • Repair divot holes & ball-marks/smooth footprints in bunker.
  • Don't drop clubs on the putting green or lean or your putter.
  • Replace the flagstick carefully in an upright position.
  • If your ball may be lost/out of bounds, play a provisional ball.
  • Leave the course in the condition you would like to find it.




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